Community building

Student Satisfaction & Retention

the challenge

Retaining students is the desired outcome, but the process is the important part. Understanding students’ pain points and sharing that information early so that the institution can respond is a critical part of student satisfaction. How do we do that through existing channels of communication? How do we ensure that the insights gained from engaging with students' feedback on marketing, operations, and academics?

the opportunity

Through community building and social listening, geNEOus can build in feedback loops and communication channels so that potential issues can be flagged and dealt with early on. Throughout the circular process of recruitment, retention and evangelism, geNEOus can support you to build processes and capacity to nurture and engage students at every stage of their journey, whether they are potential students, current students, or alumni. We all know that lead nurturing is a good use of our time and resources, but the processes must be in place to do this effectively. The foundation of these processes can be automated, so that there is more space and time for human interaction where it is most needed. With a solid foundation, upselling and cross-selling strategies are far more organic, targeted to student needs and personalized. Students will be far more open to the offer of continuing from undergraduate to masters, or adding on component courses to their existing pathways, if they have faith, trust, and a sense of belonging. A little support and connection goes a long way in student satisfaction and retention.