Community building

Web3 Community Development

the challenge

There is a learning curve here. New spaces, new approaches, new rules. Where do we start? How do we get involved in a way that builds relationships and uses our time and resources wisely? How do we support our marketing and recruitment team to build capacity in this new space so that we can build a long-term strategy of engagement?

the opportunity

Web3 offers an opportunity to reach learners in new ways, and be present in the spaces where you can learn so much more about what these new generations value, and what motivates them. Though many institutions are responding to this opportunity, few are doing it well and the majority remain on the outside looking in. For institutions who start to adapt and engage now, this will pay serious dividends in the near term. The cold fact is that Web3 is not a “nice-to-have” in your strategy, but will soon be a key ecosystem. If your institution is still sending brochures by email in 2024 as a primary touchpoint, while your audience is playing games and building networks and skills in the metaverse, you will already have fallen far behind. The beauty of Web3 is it is not one space but many, and there are many ways geNEOus can meet you where you are and start from there, structuring channels and methods of engagement that fit you and your students, as we help you build capacity and community in the online space of the very near future.