Lifelong learning

Sales Academy

The challenge

Changing the way you do things in an institution is critical to get it right. Change is not always popular, but this is often because we feel that it is something happening to us. The lack of empowerment means we are left to focus only on the burden of new things to learn, and the time it will take. When your team is not invested in the change, whether it is a new CRM or a whole new digital marketing architecture, the results will never be what they should.

the opportunity

geNEOus empowers. We provide you and your staff with customized training in order to achieve your goals and have an increase in marketing & recruitment performances. No off-the shelf training that gets offered like a factory production line, but training that meets your team exactly where they are, and gives them the chance to interact and engage in a meaningful way. We offer training solutions for every area in which we work. We help your marketing and student recruitment teams develop the needed skills to effectively communicate your institution and programs, internally and externally. On the technical side, we help you make the most out of Salesforce and/or HubSpot CRM, as well as platforms such as education portals. On the strategy side, we help you to work within your wider network of agents and partners to ensure you leverage your resources and connections in a way that builds lasting structures.