M & R Support


the challenge

Education institutions are each unique, but that does not always come through. Sometimes we risk appearing to be “just more of the same”, where prospective students have no idea of the unique benefits and experience of studying with you. Sometimes the message is there but is not consistent in all areas of communication, with different people updating different channels, and different areas of operation that have evolved over time.

the opportunity

Branding is not always a ground-up exercise, but there is something to be said for bringing in a fresh perspective. geNEOus comes to you without the lens of the internal culture at your institution, which means we can see things that may otherwise have been missed. By taking a comprehensive look at how your institution presents itself to the world, and who you are actually talking to, we can help to identify any misalignments and inconsistencies, by working together with your team to really capture the experience you want to project. If you stand out, you become memorable.