M & R Support


the challenge

We are drowning in listicles! 5 reasons why X, and the 10 best ways to do Y. How is your unique voice supposed to come through and connect with a new generation who are looking for authenticity and emotional connection? “Content is king” goes the saying, but not all content is created equal, and if your content is generic, then no algorithm can help. Outsourcing content seems like even more of a risk-can someone who isn’t on the core team really “get” you and what you do?

the opportunity

geNEOus does not work with anyone and everyone. If we work together, it is because we believe in what you do, and that alignment means we are already on the same page. We produce high-quality content in your voice, and because our content team is also highly experienced in the education world, we can really connect with your audience on things that matter to them; bringing your courses, services, values, and experience to life.