The One With The French Blueprints

Case study #1

They say that France is the land of romance, but when we arrived, there was no love lost between the international admission team and the CRM they were using. The internal processes they were using just didn’t fit with the CRM setup and, besides, everything was being done manually. No automated workflow processes meant their CRM was basically just used for storage. 

We got to work. Firstly, we brought in HubSpot CRM as the team loved its user-friendly interface, and the functionality suited their scale and objectives perfectly. Step by step with the team, we then developed the blueprints for a much more sustainable relationship between the team, their CRM and all the processes that support their integration. 

We started with a marketing and sales consultancy approach, to go through their current processes step by step. Sometimes, the outside perspective really helps to identify inefficiencies, missed opportunities and duplications of effort. This process gave us all the blueprints for the new structure, which everyone could review and agree on as we fine-tuned the sales funnel. 

Now ready for the build, we worked hand in hand with the admissions team as we layered the building blocks of their new, bespoke CRM. Making sure the team are on board and happy is hugely important in change management, and the team were relieved to see so much of their time freed up by automation and smoother workflows.  

Free from manual labour and duplicated efforts, the institution was able to retask employee time more strategically, to help grow recruitment and focus on personal and professional development.

The challenge

  1. Dissatisfaction with their CRM prior to our suggestion
  2. Need for more automated processes
  3. Review of their student journey
  4. Improve the lead management system 
  5. Migration from old CRM to new CRM

The solution

  1. Full analysis of current practice and data insight
  2. Identified improvements for sales funnel, including different touch points for each persona, depending on the journey stage
  3. Implemented the predefined sales funnel into the CRM through:
    1. Workflows with:
      1. Automated emails, depending on the language chosen by the client (English or French), sending the email accordingly to the right audience
      2. Automated tasks
      3. Automated delays
    2. Personalized email templates
    3. Landing pages
    4. Forms
    5. Application process, in both languages (English and French)
    6. Integration of letter automation tools, such as PandaDoc
    7. Automatic distribution of the leads within the admission team depending on the country region, established by the client
    8. Staff training to ensure CRM could be managed autonomously for full independence

key outcomes

  1. Reduced manual labour: sales funnel completely automated through CRM until the final stage of the conversion, where an internal team member would have a personal contact with the lead
  2. Personalized and automated emails for each lead type, depending on their source of origin, the chosen language, and the stage of the funnel
  3. Automated application process for each program with scheduled follow-ups and deals’ management guidelines until the last stage where a team member would have a personal contact with the lead
  4. Key achievement: Less time spent on manual operations, more time invested in quality work and mastery of a tailor-made tool that processes leads in a seamless automated way, integrating personalizations at each stage.

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