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Education Marketing Consultancy

The Education Marketing Consultancy is geNEOus' core and mandatory stage for any of our projects. Before undertaking any of the below-mentioned services, using our expertise and knowledge within marketing and recruitment, we review and evaluate your current processes. We identify what your institution needs to develop to boost students' enrollment, strengthen the brand identity, or any other challenge each institution faces. Thanks to the most updated marketing & recruitment tactics tailored to your educational institution and/or programs, you can trust our expertise in international education to provide you with top-notch action plans to optimize your digital marketing strategy and increase your enrollments. 

After the consultancy stage, choose any of the below services to dive deep into elements that could be improved at your institution! 

Lead Generation

The foundation of your marketing and recruitment is identifying who and where your students are. geNEOus is deeply involved in education, and we know what new generations are looking for. We work closely with institutions to build detailed buyer personas and authentic engagement strategies that make technology work for you. Students are not targets and prospects, but unique people with their own set of criteria for decision-making. Let  geNEOus help you connect and convert.

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Marketing & Student Recruitment Support

We have seen it often in institutions all over the world. Data sets that don’t talk to each other, gaps in processes that slow things down and lose opportunities, duplicated efforts and outdated labor-intensive workflows. All of these things make us so busy that we have no space to step back and innovate or iterate, and so the cycle continues. geNEOus offers a fresh perspective. We can see the whole process, from innovative marketing content, to automated bespoke CRM setups, results-driven paid media to personalized funnels that make your students feel well taken care of. Everybody wins when things are simple, efficient and get the results you always knew were possible.

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Lifelong Learning

When we hear the phrase “after-sales support” we will be honest - our expectations are usually low, and that’s not the way it should be. With geNEOus, we are not happy until you are happy. This means embedding proper training in the way we work with partners, which is bespoke to the solution we have delivered. No hastily emailed PowerPoints as we disappear into the sunset - but real training focused on making sure your team can not only deliver on the new processes, but can develop them as your institution grows. We continuously learn and embrace innovation so that our clients always get the best.

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Community Building

The need to belong has long been one of the most powerful drivers of human behavior. We believe that one of our primary roles in education marketing and recruitment is to support that sense of belonging, loyalty, and connection. When do we think that community begins? We say our role starts pre-arrival because when a student first engages with an institution, that need is at its most acute. The opportunity to connect and build relationships with peers organically from day zero is a way to build lasting relationships. That investment in the community should continue throughout their studies, in both online and offline spaces. Students who feel part of a community are more likely to give authentic feedback, recommend the institution to others, and get involved in co-creating development in many aspects of the institution. Education marketing and recruitment is not a funnel but a cycle, and we offer three touchpoints in that cycle for our clients and partners.

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