Frequently asked questions

What Makes geNEOus Unique?

We don’t feel like an externalized service! Our communication is smooth and consistent, and we make sure that we are fully present and on board with you from day one. 

We are small and want to stay that way! Our core team are highly skilled and experienced, but to meet bespoke needs, we also have a trusted network of passionate professionals who can deliver on a wide range of additional services. 

What Do We Get Out Of Working With geNEOus?

We increase your revenue generation while optimizing your digital marketing processes in a way that is built for lasting change. We also provide your team with the key skills to better engage with and support your future students.

Who Does geNEOus Work With?

K-20 private institutions, language schools, and education agents worldwide. See what our clients say about us here.

What Does geNEOus Offer In A Nutshell?

We help institutions to enhance student enrollment, using customized data-driven digital marketing solutions.

What Is The Difference Between geNEOus And Its Competitors?

Firstly, we are not an agency. An agency is built on the premise of maximizing the lifecycle of its services. That means keeping clients dependent on them for development, and offering services that are designed to be replicated at scale. geNEOus is a consultancy, and we believe in listening first to offer adaptive and personalized solutions, so that working together feels more aligned with your team, culture, and goals. We also empower, and that means that we have truly succeeded when you no longer need us, and can build forward with confidence.

What Need Does geNEOus Meet?

We help educational institutions to achieve their marketing and recruitment goals by customizing marketing techniques and enhancing student numbers. We bring in a fresh perspective and specific expertise, but work closely with your in-house team to make sure the changes are lasting, sustainable and embedded.


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