The One In Spain With Big Ambitions

Case study #2

Our friend in Barcelona started small, but not for long! They came to geNEOus with 3 objectives:

1. To increase the number of on-campus students in their middle & high school

2. To raise awareness of their school 

3. To officially launch their virtual campus programs with a sufficient number of students to get started

Ambitious? Certainly, but we knew from the start that this team had everything they needed to succeed, and just needed our expertise to kick-start their growth. We knew we would get there together. 

This was (and still is!) a fast-paced institution, but when we arrived, a lot of work was being done manually. They had HubSpot CRM, but were lacking automation, so we undertook a full reorganization of their digital architecture to better meet their needs.  Customized views and reports were also established for a better and easier management of the leads, and understanding of the data. 

We took care of the content creation and design for each touchpoint, depending on the stage of the funnel. The deals' management was automated, through specific rules determined by the client. The cherry on top was developing and implementing a lead scoring strategy in their CRM, which meant that each potential student, depending on demographic and behavioral aspects, would get specific points throughout his/her journey and triggered human interaction only at the right time. 

By doing this, only the most qualified prospects would be personally contacted by the client’s team. The best bit was that the end users did not “feel” the automation at all, as all communications were fully personalized, and this was a true game-changer for administrative staff members who finally got time to breathe.  

With the inside running smoothly, we turned our focus outward, developing paid media campaigns and fresh, engaging blog content; both fully integrated within the new CRM. As we always do, our collaboration began with listening. Who did we want to reach, and how? What was the current situation and what data was available to us? With this, we were able to map out an approach that had everyone on board, and we started to build outwards and upwards. 

Every campaign that we created on Facebook, Instagram, and Google was integrated with their CRM, to enable us and the client to have:

  1. Automated emails and follow-up messages through workflows
  2. Updated reports of performance marketing from awareness, to sign-ups for an event, to campus visits to students enrolled; in other words, the whole lifecycle of the funnel
  3. Quantitative or qualitative information regarding the leads management

With support from weekly specialist blog articles written by our in-house Head of Education Content, we were able to raise the profile and reach of the institution, and make inroads to new audiences and networks. 

The result? Let’s just say that our Spanish friend is flourishing, expanding and dreaming ever bigger. Though they are fully ready to take the reins, we will walk alongside them a little longer yet, as they implement an ever more ambitious growth strategy. 

The challenge

  1. A need for paid media campaigns and engaging blog content to reach a new, wider audience
  2. Objective to increase ROI, and enroll more students
  3. Underperforming internal sales funnel
  4. HubSpot being underused, and the majority of processes done manually
  5. Review needed of their student journey for strategic perspective
  6. Unreliable lead management system
  7. Automate the sales funnel of the main program in order to reduce manual actions
  8. Creation of a sales funnel and implementation in the CRM for programs that did not have any journey defined nor automations in place
  9. Promote programs through paid media campaigns that had previously been promoted only organically
  10. Research and understand a new market for the launch of a new teaching model program

The solution

  1. Comprehensive review of sales funnel
  2. Paid media audit and the set-up and calibration of Facebook and Instagram Ad accounts, as well as Google Ads to allow effective:
    1. Ad optimization and copy creation
    2. Budget evaluation and adjustment
    3. Bid optimization at all levels
    4. Negative keywords optimization
    5. Management and creation of audiences in Google Ads, Facebook Ads
    6. A/B experiments
    7. Attribution analysis and conversion funnels
    8. Remarketing campaigns
    9. Pixel and tag implementation to measure campaign performance
    10. Configuration and application of scripts and automatic rules
    11. Monthly performance evaluation
    12. Integration with HubSpot CRM
  3. CRM automation to allow more effective and efficient:
    1. Construction and implementation of the customer journey in HubSpot
    2. Marketing automation
    3. Sales funnel automation
    4. Audience and targets segmentation in the CRM
    5. Content delivery automation
    6. Classification and identification of the original source of the contacts
    7. Update, classification and optimization of the lifecycle stages of contacts
    8. Lifecycle stage guidelines
    9. Deal management and automation
    10. Automated Lead Nurturing
    11. Lead Scoring
    12. A/B automation tests
    13. Measurement and analysis of campaign data
    14. Management of historical and predictive reports
    15. Integration of forms and lead capture channels in HubSpot
    16. Integration of event apps and tools into the CRM
    17. Implementation of good practices by CRM users
    18. Review and curation of CRM properties
  4. Weekly specialist education blog and PR articles produced in brand voice, to engage with and provoke discussion among their network.
  5. We created a clean, automated, personalized and functional sales funnel for the main program:
    1. The CRM structure was improved under different aspect: properties, forms, emails, notifications, landing pages
    2. Three types of integration were made with the CRM to improve the funnel: WhatsApp, Stripe, Pandadoc
    3. The entire funnel was automated, including emails, notifications, reminders, property assignment through workflows
    4. Forecasting was done to strengthen the points where the funnel wasn’t working for potential customers
    5. Dashboards and reports were implemented with useful information, not only for the administrative department, but also for the admissions and marketing departments
  6. We developed an effective sales funnel for programs that did not have one before:
    1. We identified the journey of potential customers from the bottom of the funnel to conversion
    2. We integrated a new platform, Shopify, to facilitate the purchase of certain programs
    3. We adapted the CRM based on a tailor made strategy where forms, mass emails, and notifications, among others, were implemented
    4. We created a solid strategy for paid campaigns to promote different programs with the objective of raising awareness and boosting lead generation
  7. We carried out buyer personas, value proposition and competitor analysis to gain further market insights prior to the launch of a new and personalized product

key outcomes

  1. Vastly increased brand awareness 
  2. Automated marketing and sales processes through the CRM that freed up the  client’s time to focus on the quality of the work and the depth of engagement with their leads.
  3. Implemented lead scoring automations for improved lead management

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