The One With The Fresh Face

Case study #4

Switzerland. Crisp, clean, and no better place for a fresh start. Our friend in Switzerland was struggling to stand out in a very competitive market. They had grown quite quickly but reached a point of stagnation, where they needed a fresh approach but just did not have the resources in house. 

We approached this with two phases: internal restructuring and rebranding to find that fresh approach, and then paid media campaigns to get it out there. What was a little different here, was that we were asked to take more of a direct leadership role within their sales and marketing team, rather than a traditional consultancy role. 

We reviewed everything that they had out in public, from their marketing materials and social media presence, to the website and the general tone, look, and feel of their brand. Not everything had to go, but it required a new twist, and a sense of vibrant personality to bring the institution to life in the eyes of potential students. The team was full of passion, but it was not coming through externally. 

Together we curated a new look and feel, with the production of a brand book that could be used as a central guide. From tone to terminology, the brand was given a tighter, fresher feel. 

Under the surface, we brought in HubSpot as a CRM from scratch, and co-designed the architecture with the team, so that we fully understood the way they wanted to work, whilst bringing our own expertise in to suggest alternatives and ensure everyone was invested. We implemented emails, landing pages and forms, and automated the majority of the processes.

With the structures in place, we helped to bring the brand to life, by creating and curating punchy social media and blog content to greatly increase their visibility and engagement. In addition, we optimized their presence on the different education portals, which proved a crucial source of leads. 

With everything running smoothly, we turned to paid media campaigns, which were integrated into the fancy new CRM. This meant creating the design content and copy for the new ads, the strategic plan and data-driven targeting. 

With the new workflows creating valuable tracking reports, we finally had full visibility on every stage of the sales funnel, right down to average calling time and percentage of emails opened. 

geNEOus' expertise with CRM enabled us to build upon a successful adaptive model developed through years of experience in the field, which gets great results each and every time.

The challenge

  1. Need to centralise responsibility within the marketing and admissions department
  2. Brand visibility and differentiation was low in a very competitive environment
  3. Unsustainable student enrollment numbers and ROI
  4. Inefficient sales funnel
  5. No paid media campaigns

The solution

  1. NEO took a strategic leadership role within the marketing & admissions department; recruiting and training team members
  2. Comprehensive rebranding and production of brand book for greater autonomy within the marketing team
  3. Delivery of website copy, marketing materials, blog and social media content consistent with rebrand
  4. Analysis and optimization of marketing & recruitment process and student journey through existing sales funnel
  5. Optimization of education portals to boost lead generation
  6. Implementation of paid media campaigns
  7. Design and automation of new CRM

key outcomes

  1. Centralization of marketing and admissions tasks  with lean, efficient structures
  2. CRM implementation & automation from scratch, resulting in an automated lead management through different workflows, and therefore less manual work
  3. Increased visibility, engagement and consistency with the brand
  4. Improved staff retention 
  5. Positive impact on student journey and increased enrollments

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