Our Manifesto

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide educational institutions toward success by challenging and empowering them to grow and develop their internal processes. We dedicate ourselves to positively impacting the future of education by helping values-driven institutions and organizations to succeed. We do this through optimized marketing and student recruitment strategies, staff empowerment through training, and influencing the international education sector as thought leaders through events and collaborative partnerships.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help ensure that education is prepared for a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous future, and that means disrupting the way we all work. We want to be changemakers to positively transform the agility and resilience of international education organizations and institutions through innovative and future-proof strategies. We aim to align with the purpose-driven generations that will expect more from their education and inspire others to do more and to do better.

Our Values

Our Impact On Sustainability

Reducing The Number
Of Interactions

Positive Impact
On Future Generations

For Purpose Focus
Above For-Profit

What Do we do?

As an education marketing consultancy, it’s more about you. From small organizations that are still working with paper and filing cabinets, to fully digital institutions that just need a fresh perspective, we can deliver. We make the marketing and recruitment process work smoothly, and ensure that, as our partner, you are empowered to build forward without us. 

Designing structures and strategies from the ground up or revamping what you already have, we are experts in CRM and automation, recruitment and conversion, strategy and training. Find out more about the services we offer.

Why do we do it?

We want to help you succeed. Truly. That might sound corny, but hear us out. We only work with institutions who believe in education for the positive impact it has on future generations, and who take their responsibilities seriously. This means that, by helping you to grow and scale, we help to scale positive impact on the world. 

We also love the creativity and connection that comes from working closely with your unique challenges, organizational culture and of course the lovely people who make the place run each and every day. 

How do we do it?

If we are a good fit, we’ll get to work right away. The initial audit is free of charge and will set out exactly what we think is needed, how much it will cost and how long it will take. Everything is clear up front, with no small print, hidden angles and sneaky asterisks. We work best with a point person in your organization, to ensure communication is fluid, and all of our work is remote.

Whether we are customizing your CRM or training your team in innovative recruitment strategies, fluid communication is important all the way through. We will work with you to set up these workflows and processes so that your institution can more quickly and easily take ownership when the work is done.